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Manufacturer of wall accessories, decorative fins and wall panels.

We have been manufacturing wooden doors and exterior doors as RADEX since 1986. When our doors had already become part of many interiors in Poland and Europe, we went a step further and created a range of products for interior decoration. This is how the O.K.WALL brand was created. With exceptional interiors in mind.


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Four collections of decorative products for walls

Basic Line

Wall slats are a unique wall decoration that, depending on the chosen colour scheme, layout and installation location, can create a unique interior style. From natural, eco character to prestigious, elegant interiors.

Acoustic Line

Wall panels from the Acoustic Line series are not only a decoration of walls and ceilings, but also a fantastic improvement of room acoustics. Thanks to the thick black felt underlay, sounds are partially absorbed, which significantly reduces the echo in the room.

Solo Line

The slat wood wall panels Solo Line are not only an interior decoration, but also a great way to separate parts of the interior without inconvenient renovation. Rotating slat wood wall panels are mounted on appropriate feet to the floor and ceiling at certain intervals from each other.

Decor Line

Decor Line is a unique wall decoration which, depending on the chosen colour scheme and arrangement, can give any interior any character. They will look great in home, office or commercial spaces.

Azure Line

Azure Line openwork panels are not only an interior decoration, but also a way to subtly separate spaces. Unique patterns and a wide range of colours allow you to freely choose the panel to match your interior design.


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